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English Shaping Wheel Heavy Duty Workbench Sheet Metal Sharper Bench-top Machine

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<p>The English Wheel can shape steel and aluminum smoothly and easily by pushing metal back and forth through the wheels to stretch the metal and produce customized curves. No electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic power is used. Attach this to your sturdy workbench end vise and shape sheet metal just like the big boys. It comes with 7 lower wheel contours with storage rack, hardened steel wheels, and gusseted steel frame with powder-coated finish. This kit will leave you fully equipped, including all the essentials to get started right.</p>
<li>Additional lower wheels and storage rack</li>
<li>Can be mounted on bench, clamped in vise or use with optional welded stand</li>
<li>Machine provides outstanding performance on small jobs like motorcycle tanks, tank covers, seat cowls and aircraft fillets</li>
<li>Suitable for a variety of other tasks, including shaping, fabrication, and smoothing dents and welding seams in fenders, hoods and trunk panels</li>
<li>Anvil yoke is adjustable on both sides of the axle support with thumb screws so it can be trued with the upper wheel</li>
<li>The design is simple, with few moving parts. The base takes the form of a large "C," and is usually made of fabricated steel. It is very sturdy and rigid</li>
<li>Type: English Wheel</li>
<li>Material: Steel</li>
<li>Wheels: Hardened Steel</li>
<li>Capacity: 16 Gauge Mild Steel, Aluminum, Copper</li>
<li>Throat Capacity: 15-3/8"</li>
<li>Upper Wheel Diameter: Flat; 5-7/8"</li>
<li>Lower Wheel Diameter: 2"</li>
<li>Lower Wheel Contours: Flat; 1/2" r.1" r.; 1-1/2" r.; 2-1/2" r.; 5" r.; and 9" r</li>
<li>Overall Dimensions: 9-3/4"(L) x 22-1/4"(W) x 21-1/4"(H)</li>
<li>Assembly Required: Yes</li>
<p>Package Content:</p>
<li>English Wheel Shaping Benchtop</li>