Stark 36" Jumbo Go-Through Bent Tip Pry Bar Heavy Duty with Padded Han – XtremepowerUS
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Stark 36" Jumbo Go-Through Bent Tip Pry Bar Heavy Duty with Padded Handle

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Exceptionally strong and reliable, these classic square-stock bars, with a steel-capped handle for hammer striking and a high-leverage angled tip, are indispensable essentials in the garage, shop, or out on the road.


  • Pry Away Bar - The Jumbo Large Breaker Crowbar with Over-sized Mechanics Handle for Heavy-Duty Automotive Prying is what you need to do serious pry work. Use in an automotive shop to check steering, suspension, brakes, or loose ball joints, bearings, and bushings on vehicles. Use when you need extra leverage, on the farm, or anywhere that involves work on heavy equipment
  • Any Space - Any Angle - Sharpened, bevel-end angled nose tip creates an extra leverage point & slips into tight spots so you can work in any space and at any angle
  • Grip Comfortably - The mechanic's-style oversized monster handle with comfortable non-slip mixed hard plastic and rubber grip for easy hold with 2 hands
  • Industrial Material - ??íThe pry bars are entirely heat treated and covered in a silver oxide finish to discourage rust.
  • Steel Striking Cap - A large, solid steel cap on the end of the handle is designed for hammer striking, allowing you to drive the tip into the tightest of spaces.


  • Color: Silver/Black
  • Material: Heat-Treated Steel
  • Striking Cap Width: 1"
  • Shaft Length: 27"
  • Overall Length: 36"

Package Content:

  • Pry Bar