XtremepowerUS Replacement Salt Electrode Sanitizing System, Saltwater
SKU: 90154

XtremepowerUS Replacement Salt Electrode Sanitizing System, Saltwater with Hot Tubs, Spa Replacement Part - Easy Install Compatible for 90155

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As a replacement salt cell for the XtremepowerUS 90155 system in your hot spring spa, work with all XtremepowerUS equipped hot spring spas. Improved design with mesh titanium plate increases contact area for be for better results, extends service life, do not replace frequently, saves you a lot of money on your hot tub maintenance


  • Replacement Part - The XtremepowerUS salt cell replacement for Saltwater Chlorine Generator System 90155 is guaranteed to work with ALL XtremepowerUS equipped Saltwater Chlorine Generator and comes compete with a pass through fitting cable seal
  • Easy to Install - Effortless setup with a plug-and-play feature that connects directly to existing wires. This user-friendly design allows for a quick and easy installation, saving you valuable time. Designed to be positioned outside the filter to prevent errors caused by low flow
  • Gentle Water - Chlorine produced by salt chlorine generators is much softer, safer, & healthier by comparison. The XtremepowerUS Salt Cell Replacement is gentler on your eyes, skin & hair
  • Economical - Enhanced design featuring a mesh titanium plate increases the contact area, delivering improved results and extending the service life. This design minimizes the frequency of replacements, providing significant cost savings for your hot tub maintenance
  • Clear Body Design - The clear body allows you to look at it to see if it's working and if it needs to be cleaned, easy to maintain & inspect


  • Type: Replacement Electrode
  • Compatibility: XtremepowerUS Model # 90155

Package Contents:

  • Replacement Electrode