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6 & 12 Volts Battery Load & charging Tester Charger Tool Testing Auto Volt Meter

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100A Tester tests the health of 6 or 12 volt batteries, and is an easy-to-use battery tester for all automobiles. This alkaline battery tester effectively tests batteries in a mere 10 seconds. Using a shock-resistant meter and rust-resistant copper clamps, our auto battery tester can be used in all climates and situations. With a convenient handle for transport and a sturdy steel case, you can take your battery tester anywhere, and store it with ease because of its compact size


  • Easy, Fast and Convenient Use - It only takes 10 seconds for our car battery tester to run diagnostics on your automobile. It tests batteries both installed and uninstalled, and its results are easy to read. 12v battery load tester is perfect for all vehicle testing
  • Made for 6V and 12V Batteries - Handheld battery tester is made for 6v and 12v battery testing up to 1, 000CCA. Our batteries tester test battery load, condition, and starter motor draw
  • Shock-Resistant Meter - 100A battery tester can withstand all conditions and repairs with its shock-resistant meter meant for automotive diagnostics. Also, it can perform as a golf cart battery tester and motorcycle battery tester, proving it can be used for various machine battery testing
  • Heavy Duty Copper Clamps - The car battery tester has rust-resistant copper clamps perfect for testing in all weather and situations. Also, it is housed in a robust steel case for travel
  • Easy Storage - Store this analog battery tester in your car or your garage easily with its compact design. Our versatile tool is always ready for testing, as it can be stored in your garage or car


  • Batter Type: 6v / 12v
  • Load Test Capacity: 500 ~ 1000 Cold cranking amps
  • Display Meters: Analog 0 ~ 16 VDC (max)
  • Battery Cable: 16-3/4&quot

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  • Battery Tester