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49CC 2-Stroke Gas Power Mini Pocket Dirt Bike Dirt Off Road Motorcycle Ride-on Kickstand (Dirt Devil)

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<p>XtremepowerUS presents the Mini Pocket Dirt Bike, designed to be stable and fast without sacrificing safety or control when used. The bike features large knobby tires, good grip and a superior suspension so the rider can easily go over bumps and dips on the road. Enabling users to retain maximum control and speed while having fun riding</p>
<li>Pocket bike is ideal for providing driveway and parking lot commuting entertainment for children and teenagers 13 years and older</li>
<li>2-stroke engine is very fuel efficient and environmental friendly, and has a long engine life that can provide your kids great fun and long-term entertainment</li>
<li>Each pocket bike is individually engineered with a steel frame for extra stability and durability</li>
<li>High torque motor engine allowing the young riders to travel at speeds up from 15-20 mph depending on the terrain</li>
<li>Constructed with superior front hydraulic and back spring suspensions to offer a smoother riding experience, and lets kids easily go over bumps and dips on the road</li>
<li>Designed with hand-operated front and back brake discs to quickly break when needed</li>
<li>Large pneumatic knobby tires and twist-grip throttle so your kid can maneuver the bike easily and control the acceleration</li>
<li>Engine: 49cc 2-Stroke, Air Cooled</li>
<li>Engine Start: Pull Start</li>
<li>Fuel/Oil: Unleaded Petrol and 2 Cycle Engine Oil Mixing</li>
<li>Maximum Speed: Up to 20mph (varies depending on ground, driving style, and rider weight)</li>
<li>Brake: 1 Front Disc, 1 Rear Disc</li>
<li>Suspension: Front and Rear</li>
<li>Recommended Age: 13+</li>
<li>Max User Weight Capacity: 128lbs</li>
<li>Kickstand: Yes</li>
<li>Overall Dimension: 43"(L) x 26"(W) x 28"(H)</li>
<p>Package Contents:</p>
<li>49cc Pocket Dirt Bike</li>