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40cc 4-Stroke Gas-Powered Mini Pocket Motorcycle Ride-on Seat EPA Approved (Blue)

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Specifically designed in the make and style of a motorcycle but on a much smaller frame. Because of their size and stature, however, these bikes are sometimes considered mini motorcycles. Their sleek demeanor put them in the class of their own but more in line with the style of a racing bike. Beyond their looks, though, pocket bikes are meant for solid racing performance. Depending on the weight and height of the rider, top speeds on our pocket bikes.


  • Minimum recommended age: 12 year-age
  • Features standard with front & rear disc brakes and large 11-inch pneumatic street tires
  • Max. rider weight: 165 lbs; Max Speed18 mph; Transmission: chain drive
  • Motor: 40CC 4 Stroke EPA Approval; Fuel/Oil: >#90; Gas Tank: 1.2 liters; Cruising Range: 42 km per tank
  • Overall Dimension: (L x W x H) 40" x 18.5" x 22.8"



  • Motor: 40cc 4-Stroke, Air Cooled, EPA Approved
  • Engine Start: Pull Start
  • Gas Tank: 1.2 liters
  • Cruising Range: 20 miles per tank
  • Fuel/Oil: Unleaded / Motor oil separate
  • Transmission: Centrifugal (chain drive)
  • Pocket Bike Size: L=40in, W=19in, H=23in
  • Seat Height: 18in
  • Recommended Age: 13+
  • Max Rider Weight: 170 lbs
  • Frame: Steel
  • Pneumatic Tires: Front: 90/65-6.5??íRear: 110/50-6.5
  • Brakes: 1 disc front, 1 disc rear
  • Frame: Ridged
  • Throttle: Variable twist-grip
  • Seat: Padded (single rider)
  • Handlebars: Angle Adjustable, Not Height
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Box Size:??í40x14x25 inches
  • Box Weight:??í53 lbs
  • Product decoration and specifications subject to change without notice.