XtremepowerUS 8PC HSS Silver & Deming Drill Bits Set W/ Metal Case
SKU: 31651

XtremepowerUS 8PC HSS Silver & Deming Drill Bits Set W/ Metal Case


STARK ELITE Silver and Deming Drill Bit Set features an 8-piece industrial grade collection of S and D drill bits to accommodate the needs of professionals and DIY handymen. Each of our bits are individually engineered with premium quality high-speed steel and cobalt coating by undergoing heat treatment and machine engineered to have superior strength and durability for hard metal application. The secure grip 3-flat shank prevents slipping and walking to drill precise and accurate holes. Each bit features a 135?? split point to deliver faster penetration with less pressure for an enhanced hole-drilling experience. This S and D drill bit set is ideal for drilling a broad range of materials from wood, plastic, aluminum, and metal. In addition, this drill bit set comes with a metal carrying case with a handle for easy transportation and secure storage.


  • Bit set includes a collection of the 8 most popular silver and deming drill bit types and sizes
  • High quality HHS (high speed steel) material construction with cobalt coating for enhanced wear resistance
  • Tri-flat shank with 1/2 in. shank diameter for sure grip and no slip drilling
  • Secure-fitted metal storage case with handles for easy transport and storage of equipment
  • 135?? split point offers faster penetration and drilling on contact for metal, wood and plastic application
  • Drill bits run cooler, drill smoother and last longer than standard bits (Black+Gold Surface treatment)
  • Intended usage for both professionals and serious DIY enthusiasts; compatible for a broad range of workshop projects



  • Tools Product Type: Power Tool Accessories
  • Shank Style: 3-Flat
  • Self-Feeding: No
  • Drill Bit Type: Twist
  • Individual/Set: Set
  • Number of Pieces: 8
  • Bit Material: High Speed Steel
  • Dimensions: 8.5??Ñ L x 6.5??Ñ W x 2.5??Ñ H


1/2??ú Shank Diameter Sizes:

  • 9/16 in.
  • 4/8 in.
  • 11/16 in.
  • 3/4 in.
  • 13/16 in.
  • 7/8 in.
  • 15/16 in.
  • 1 in.